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Anyone Can Be a Cinephile

Explore new directors, cultures, and themes this semester with International Cinema.

“A cine-what?” you ask? Yes, you read right, a cinephile—a devotee of motion pictures. Does that sound like you? Well it sounds a lot like me. The first movie I can remember seeing was Iron Man in 2008, and the first movie I remember loving was Avatar (yes, the one with the blue people). The tiny, cold theater in my hometown was expensive. But I loved getting butter-covered fingers trying to mix popcorn with Milk Duds as aliens were blasted out of the sky and Thor became my first celebrity crush.

Now, I love going to movies at BYU’s International Cinema. The new schedule is out for the semester, and I am excited to see several films—like The Burmese Harp, His Name is Green Flake, and A Thousand Cuts. International Cinema is fun because the films are free,
and I get to experience films I would never pick by myself.

People watching a film.
Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

The first time I went to see an International Cinema film, it was in French and German, and although I don’t speak those languages, I was still able to immerse myself and follow the story. By the end, I was crying along with everyone else because the heartwarming message of the film still came through. It was incredible to barely understand the words and still experience the same emotions. I realized how universal the experiences of life are and felt more connected to my brothers and sisters worldwide. The film also helped me better appreciate and understand other people’s culture. Now I enjoy watching movies in French or German (subtitles included) because I get to learn more about cultures I didn’t even know I loved!

If you already frequent KMBL 250, but are looking to enhance your cinematic experience, check out the weekly faculty-led discussions on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm. These discussions are a great space for asking questions and getting the most out of your International Cinema experience. International Cinema also has a podcast called In the Booth; new episodes each week discuss details of the week’s films.

For more information about the semester schedule of showings, discussions, podcast episodes, and a trailer for this semester's movies, check out the International Cinema website.