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German & Russian Linguistics Office of Digital Humanities
Double the celebration: Maren and Sonja Mecham bond through their shared graduate experience.
French senator Stéphane Demilly visits BYU to meet with the students who are translating his book from French to English.
AI won’t replace teachers anytime soon, but it can be used for language learning and teaching, explains Rob Reynolds.
The Language Acquisition Research Colloquium series explores how to optimize course content to help students meet language goals.
Miriam Whiting finds that discourse in media has cultural and historical significance.
CLS celebrates languages around the world with the Welsh, German, Spanish, and French choir concert.
The linguistics professor and his team receive $20,000 in discretionary funds for research on sustainability.
BYU’s ASL program enriches education through its courses, club, and conversation labs.
The award recognizes Baker and his coauthors’ research on job-loss narratives and moving on after being laid off.
Want to learn how to pound papyrus and assemble a printing press? Join Jamie Horrocks’ book history class!
Undergraduate student introduces FLang 330, a S’gaw Karen course for returned missionaries.
Professor Dallin D. Oaks publishes book on Latter-day Saint naming trends.