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Be Human Be Kind Short Story Competition Winners

The results are in! Read to find out.

Photo by David John Arnett

“Write about the human experience.”

Students participating in the Be Human Be Kind (BHBK) short story competition answered this broad and nuanced prompt through creative works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

As part of the BHBK campaign for the year, the College of Humanities sought to facilitate conversations about being human through the writing competition. The competition only lasted a little over a week, yet students crafted inspirational messages of triumph while others shared stories of heartbreak and loss.

The judging board consisted of nine student volunteers coming from several different emphases: editing and publishing, creative writing, and English teaching. They selected the top 30 submissions, the top three category submissions, and the first, second, and third place winners overall. Category winners received a T-shirt or bucket hat, while the top three received $100, $200, and $300, respectively (plus the swag). The top 30 winning submissions will be featured in the short story dispensers across campus for the next few weeks.

The overall contest winners were as follows:

First place: Brynn Wengler, for her poetry submission, “Mystery Dish”

Second place: Leah Gaush, for her nonfictional narrative, “Dibéłchíʼí”

Third place: Emma Taylor, for her fictional piece, “Enlightenment”

The College will continue to promote the BHBK initiative throughout the rest of the school year to encourage thoughtful conversations about humanity.

Discover the diversity of human experience through the short story machines located in the JFSB, HBLL, WSC, and JSB.