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Fall 2022 Humanities Be Human, Be Kind Short Writing Contest

Thank you to all those who participated this year! You can read the top stories here.

Thank you for your interest in the College of Humanities Be Human, Be Kind short writing competition!

We will provide a prompt to give you focus for your original work. Submissions will be grouped into three categories:


Creative nonfiction

(including personal narrative and essay)


    Total character count (including spaces and punctuation) is limited to 7000 characters or fewer.

    We will post the prompt on November 2nd at 9 a.m. via our Instagram channel, @byuhumanities, so be on the lookout! All submissions will close on November 9th at midnight.


    Overall winners:

    • First place: a $300 gift card.
    • Second place: a $200 gift card.
    • Third place: a $100 gift card. 
    • Each will also receive a bucket hat and T-shirt (while supplies last). 

    Reader’s Choice in Each Category:

    • The editorial board will also select a Reader’s Choice winner from each category, who will receive a Be Human, Be Kind bucket hat or T-shirt (while supplies last).  

    Please submit your work to Be sure to include your name and the category in the subject line. If you have questions, please contact us via the same email.

    * Please be sure that all submissions adhere to the BYU Honor Code guidelines.

    Good luck!!!!

    Top Submissions!

    Rin Butler Ilse Eskelsen Tiffany Harris
    Ellie Smith Hailey Coleman Hannah Anderson
    Grace Babcock Brielle Williams Asha Lambson
    Jane Tew Gillian Byrd Tim Jafek
    Anna Diener Maggie Petersen Rebecca Varnell
    Mia Shumway Patrick Madden Shay Putnam
    Mehana Piena Hannah Ackerman Brynn Wengler
    Alixa Brobbey Caleb Williams Leah Gaush
    Laura Vance Tanager Ryan Emma Taylor