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BYU Student Chapter of LDSPMA Provides Professional Mentoring for Editing Students

Students interested in publishing and media careers can join BYU’s student chapter of LDSPMA to connect with like-minded students and industry professionals

According to their website, the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association (LDSPMA) focuses “bringing together Latter-day Saints interested in publishing and media at the intersection of faith, creativity, and professional skill.” Along with their larger organization, LDSPMA also sponsors student chapters such as the one here at BYU.

Hannah Johnson, student liaison on the board and president of the student chapter at BYU, said that their club differentiates itself from other editing and professional clubs on campus by “really specifically talking about being a member of the Church in organizations, and also trying to connect students in different fields of publishing and media in the same way that the larger organization does.”

On March 25, 2021, they hosted an activity where they brought in two working professionals in the publishing and media field for a Q&A. One was Joshua Perkey, who works as managing editor of the For the Strength of Youth magazine, and the other was Lexi Nillson, who worked as the illustrator for the Jane Austen travel guide titled Jane Was Here.

The focus of the activity was on storytelling and knowing how to write and illustrate for your audience. Both panelists gave advice on how to translate your work for school into work for portfolios for future employers.

Bekah Mecham, a member of the student chapter of LDSPMA who attended the activity, said, “Clubs like this are really helpful because they connect me with people who, recently, were living the life I’m living as a student, and with professionals who were in my shoes and can give me specific advice and a glimpse into my hopeful future.”

The student chapter of LDSPMA is also offering mentorships for student novelists, who will be able to work with industry professionals to move their manuscript further along the publication process.

—Heather Bergeson (English, ’22)