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Calling All Linguistics Majors

Looking for a linguistics-related internship? Learn which organizations are hiring.


In case you missed it, the BYU Linguistics Department held an internship fair on Thursday, March 21, 2024, for all linguistics students looking to gain real-world experience. Held on the first floor of the Joseph F. Smith Building, the fair’s booths advertised internships for linguistics, applied English linguistics (ELing), editing and publishing, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), and more general internships.

Each internship representative talked to students who stopped at their booths, going over internship details and requirements.

If you’re a linguistics or ELing major, consider applying for the BYU Law and Corpus Linguistics internship under the J. Reuben Clark Law School. For linguistics, internships involve language analysis, natural language processing, corpus studies, translation, interpretation, and application of linguistic principles to legal and other matters. ELing internships involve applying principles learned in the primary or secondary track to a work situation.

If you’re an editing and publishing major, consider applying for internships from Y Magazine, Forever Mountain Publishing, the College of Humanities, Faculty Publishing, Western North American Naturalist, and the Religious Studies Center. Editing and publishing internships involve writing and editing manuscripts, articles, and online and marketing content, as well as laying out content for e-book, print, or online publication.

Forever Mountain Publishing, a company dedicated to building their “customers, creators, and employees as children of God and competent achievers of worthy goals,” is looking for writers and editors for their new fantasy fiction magazine, Sally Port. Editor-in-chief Patrick S. Kidder and head of design and operations Lisa Kidder are looking to publish a wide variety of stories so readers of all ages can find a story that interests them. They use a blind story submission process to ensure fairness.

While internships are not required for a TESOL minor, any student looking to earn a TESOL certificate needs to complete an internship at the English Language Center or a different language school. Internships for this minor involve planning and teaching a semester-long course.

The fair also had booths marketing more general internships, such as the Washington Seminar Internship with Broadband Breakfast Media, a news organization based in Washington, D.C.

The College of Humanities works to give its students hands-on opportunities to build their skillsets for a future career, so be sure to take advantage of any internships that seem interesting or beneficial. For information on any of the listed internships, click the links above or visit the BYU Experiential Learning and Internships website. Happy job hunting!