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College of Humanities Alumna Receives Prestigious Editing Scholarship

College of Humanities alumna Lori Fuller Sosa recently received an editing scholarship sponsored by ACES: The Society for Editing.

Photo of BYU Alumna Lori Fuller Sosa

Lori Fuller Sosa graduated from BYU in 2012 with a double major in English literature and English language and a minor in editing. After working for a few years as a copy editor and now assistant managing editor for the Friend children’s magazine, Sosa said, “I decided that, to advance in my career, I needed managing experience as well. . . . So, I'm currently enrolled in the publishing masters [program] through George Washington University, and they have a really good management and leadership focus.”

Sosa applied for the ACES scholarship with the hope of receiving more funding for her masters degree, and she ended up being awarded the "top winner" for her impressive application.

“One of my long-term goals is to teach editing at a university," said Sosa. "And I know I need at least a master’s for that, so this was a good time in my life to get that started.”

Thinking about the skills she learned in college that have been most helpful in her career, Sosa commented, “Communication has been huge. That’s a lot what I do now, and figuring out how to communicate big ideas in a really simple way is a lot harder than you might think.”

Sosa also had high praise for the BYU editing program, which she said gave her the perfect skill set to jump-start her career as an editor.

Sosa’s advice to current students who are looking forward to their careers is to “just take advantage of all the opportunities—take advantage of Career Services, get a clean resume, and a good cover letter. Build up your professional skills and figure out how to talk about your strengths well.

“Don’t feel disadvantaged by being in the College of Humanities!” Sosa continued. “There are so many more opportunities than you’re aware of now that are out there and that can use the skill sets you’re working on developing now.”

—Heather Bergeson (English, ’22)