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Jeffrey Parker

Associate Professor

4050 JFSB - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


I am a morphologist who uses corpus-based and experimental methods to investigate connections between morphological structure and the lexicon. I am currently investigating the complexity inflectional systems typologically (with Andrea D. Sims), the role of irregularity in inflectional complexity, and the influence of inflectional structure on lexical access in Russian nouns.

Research Interests

Morphology, inflectional complexity, productivity, Russian language, lexical processing, cross-linguistic differences in morphological processing, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, Czech language, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language(s).

Teaching Interests

Morphological theory, language structure, quantitative data analysis, structure of Slavic languages, morphosyntactic typology, Russian language.

Courses Taught