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Josh Perkey

Manager of Digital Media & Comms

4025 JFSB
Provo, UT 84602

Prior to joining the College, Josh worked for 14 years at the Church magazines, where he most recently served as the marketing manager. He also worked as the digital assistant managing editor over the For the Strength of Youth magazine, assistant managing editor for the New Era, and senior editor for the Ensign magazine. During his tenure with the magazines, Josh supervised interns, hiring and training over 200 students, including many from the College. He also worked for seven years as an associate editor with Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Companies. He holds an MA in medieval history from The Ohio State University and a BA in History with minors in English and Classics from BYU. He feels a great sense of gratitude to the College of Humanities, both for the undergraduate classes he took in the College and for meeting his future wife, ToriAnn Dunaway (‘98, Latin), in a Latin class.

Josh and ToriAnn have four children: Lilian, Thomas, Eleanor, and John. Lilian is currently serving a mission in Arkansas and is considering coming to BYU to study humanities (yay!!!); Thomas just graduated from high school and is studying dance; Eleanor will enter 11th grade and is an artist; and John will enter 9th grade and loves computer programming and playing the harp. ToriAnn runs an online recruiting business. Josh loves fantasy stories, biking, music, and generally being a little silly. If you need any help with communications, promoting your work, or just need some dark chocolate and a chat (especially about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or personal development), feel free to drop by and say hi!