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Picture of R. Kirk Belnap

R. Kirk Belnap

Professor of Arabic and Arabic Flagship Center Director
Asian and Near Eastern Languages

3064B JFSB
Provo, UT 84602

Teaching Experience

Whether “in the classroom [or]…direct[ing] activities outside the classroom [I am] responsible for contributing to this complete educational vision. A BYU education should be:

  • Spiritually Strengthening
  • Intellectually Enlarging
  • Character Building
  • Leading to Lifelong Learning and Service”
  • We, the Arabic faculty, are committed to excellence in language learning, but the most important lessons learned have little to do with language.


Project Perseverance (how to empower students to effectively self-regulate).


Thanks to the support of great colleagues and administrators, we are making a difference in the world through our study abroad program and through the BYU Arabic Flagship Center and were able to do so for 13 years as the headquarters of the National Middle East Language Resource Center.