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Rick Duerden

Part-time/Adjunct Faculty


Rick Duerden, Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1989, is Associate Professor in the English Department at Brigham Young University. He has published studies of the English Bible, from its early translators such as William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale, to its impact on literature and on politics in the 16th and 17th centuries. He is a founding member of the Tyndale Society and serves on the editorial board of the journal Reformation.

Research Interests

Shakespeare, Jonson, John Field (early Puritan dissenter), Tyndale, Coverdale, translation, early modern politics, religion and literature

Teaching Interests

He has taught courses in early modern literature, Shakespeare, Jonson, Milton, the history of literary theory and criticism, contemporary literary theory, and seminars in theoretical discourse, pluralism, and the ethics and politics of criticism.

Courses Taught


Richard Y Duerden


Richard Y Duerden