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Susan Morris

Part-time/Adjunct Faculty

4052 JKB - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602



I love teaching Writing! I grew up in the shadow of BYU, but didn’t experience the writing or honors program until I became a faculty member in 1999. As a BYU undergraduate, I changed my major several times. A few of the choices included Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Music, and Botany; I landed on Humanities with an emphasis in English and Business Management. I learned that getting a college education was fascinating, exciting, and full of opportunity. My Writing 150H course is designed to increase your awareness of these opportunities through critical thinking, reading, researching, and of course writing. As a graduate student at San Francisco State University, I learned an amazing thing — education wasn’t just about my professor pouring knowledge into me. I, too, was accountable to my professor, my classmates and the subject. I had something to add. I was a part of this academic process, not just an observer or a sponge. As a past Honors 150 student wrote at the completion of the semester, “I will remember the things that deeply touched my heart and assisted me in finding myself; the things that assisted me in understand[ing] who I am, and what is important to me.” I believe Writing 150H can affect your social, educational, professional and even spiritual lives, and that’s why I love to teach writing.  


B.A. in Humanities with an English emphasis and Business Management minor–Brigham Young University M.A. in World and Comparative Literature–San Francisco State University with Scandinavian emphasis at UC Berkeley


Courses Taught