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Faculty Publications

The Myths of the Popol Vuh in Cosmology, Art, and Ritual

Editor: Allen J. Christenson

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

This book examines Maya myths, including the Maya creation story, aiming to understand the motifs and iconography present in the Popol Vuh.

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The Lost Cinema of Mexico: From Lucha Libre to Cine Familiar and Other Churros

Editor: Brian Price

Publisher: University Press of Florida

Many film critics have considered the 1960s–1980s to be a time of poor quality in Mexican film. The authors reexamine the lost films of this period and what they teach about the cultural shifts of the time.

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Rudolf Steiner: Schriften. Kritische Ausgabe, Band 1: Frühe schriften zur Goethe-deutung

Editor: Christian Clement

Publisher: frommann-holzboog

An examination of the writings of German scientist Goethe suggests that his research was both scientifically and spiritually based.

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No One Weeps for Me Now

Translator: Daryl R. Hague

Publisher: McPherson & Company

In this magical realism thriller sequel, private eye Inspector Dolores Morales’ search for a missing girl leads him to a scandal of national proportions. These precarious discoveries put Inspector Morales in danger, pursued by national intelligence, with an uncertain future awaiting him.

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A History of Chinese Classical Scholarship

By: David B. Honey

Publisher: Academia Press, LLC

Each volume covers approximately 500 years of Chinese scholarship on the Confucian classics.

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Healthcare in Latin America: History, Society, Culture

By: Douglas J. Weatherford, editor

Publisher: University Press of Florida

The political identity of Latin American countries is woven together with their healthcare histories. The authors also analyze healthcare topics through depictions in film and literature within these countries.

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The Bible and the Latter-day Saint Tradition

Editor: Eric A. Eliason

Publisher: University of Utah Press

While Latter-day Saints firmly believe in the authority of the Bible, the way they interpret the Bible tends to differ from mainstream Christianity. This text closes the gap between these interpretations by explaining the Bible’s role in Latter-day Saint history.

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Publishing in Wales: Renaissance and Resistance

By: Jacob D. Rawlins

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

The history of Wales and of Welsh publishing are closely tied together. An analysis of ancient Welsh texts shows how a persistent group of people banded together as a nation to defend their way of life and how their literary reach has gone far beyond Wales.

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Discovery & Wonder: The Harry F. Bruning Collection at Brigham Young University

By: Jack Stoneman

Publisher: Harold B. Lee Library

In addition to highlighting twelve centuries of rare books, manuscripts, and maps from BYU’s Bruning Collection, the authors delve into the history of the collector Harry F. Bruning and his surprising connection to Taichirō Morinaga, Japan’s first Western-style candy manufacturer.

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Returning Home: Diné Creative Works from the Intermountain Indian School

By: James R. Swensen and Michael P. Taylor

Publisher: The University of Arizona Press

At the Intermountain Indian School from 1950 to 1984, assimilation efforts attempted to remove students’ cultural ties. However, these students found ways to maintain their Diné culture through creative works such as art and poetry (many are included in this volume).

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Screening Europe in Australasia: Transnational Silent Film Before and After the Rise of Hollywood

By: Julie K. Allen

Publisher: University of Exeter Press

The distribution patterns of silent films in Australasia showcase the popularity of European films in the early film industry.

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The Silent Muse: The Memoirs of Asta Nielsen,

Editor and translator: Julie K. Allen

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

An English translation of silent film star Asta Nielsen’s autobiography containing her thoughts about her career in film, with occasional editorial notes to provide context.

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Learning Korean: A Language Guide for Beginners

By: Julie Damron and Juno Baik

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Adults wishing to learn Korean will enjoy this guide. It teaches how to maintain basics conversations, has helpful cultural side notes, and is perfect for self-study.

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Asian American Literature: An Encyclopedia for Students

Editor: Keith Lawrence

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

More than 120 entries about important Asian American authors introduce the history of Asian Americans in literature. A dozen essays expand on specific elements of Asian American literature, such as the origin of the term Asian American.

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By: Kimberly Johnson

Publisher: Persea Books

This collection of poetry contemplates how common life events can have devastating effects and how our concern for small but valuable elements of our lives makes us vulnerable.

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Linguistic Preferences

Editor: Laura Catharine Smith

Publisher: De Gruyter

Cutting-edge language research provides new insights from interdisciplinary perspectives.

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Contemporary Italian Diversity in Critical and Fictional Narratives

Editor: Marie Orton

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

An exploration of the issues raised by the transnational and transcultural phenomena of a changing Italy.

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Life to the Whole Being: The Spiritual Memoir of a Literature Professor

By: Matthew Wickman

Publishing: BYU Maxwell Institute

Matthew Wickman explores how literature has sparked spiritual experiences in his personal life and contained them for future reflection.

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Questions and Answers on the Avatamsaka-sūtra: An Early Korean HwaeomText

Editor and translator: Richard D McBride II

Publisher: Gale Literature Resource Center

A critical edition and annotated translation of an early Korean Buddhist text from the Hwaeom tradition of doctrinal Buddhism. This text comprises lectures from the monk Uisang compiled by his disciple Jitong.

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Clément Marot’s Epistles

Editor and translator: Robert J. Hudson

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

The epistles of Renaissance poet Clément Marot, translated into English and set to verse. The translation honors both meter and rhyme scheme.

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Manual de fonética e fonologia da língua portuguesa

By: Willis C. Fails

Publisher: Routledge

A practical pronunciation guide for advanced Portuguese learners, this manual will help learners understand the phonetic principles that lead to clearer pronunciation.

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