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Faculty Publications

2023 New Editions

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Philosophy:

Wisdom from Aang to Zuko

Chapter by Justin White

This book brings to the fore the Eastern, Western, and Indigenous philosophies that are implicit in the show by using the tools from a wide range of philosophical traditions.

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Blossom as the Cliffrose:

Mormon Legacies and the Beckoning Wild

Edited by Karin Anderson, Danielle Blazer Dubrasky (Editor)

This book features original poems and prose by writers who are faithful, non-faithful, believers, heretics, converts and de-converts, dragged in or forced out of the Mormon faith.

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Screening Europe in Australasia:

Transnational Silent Film Before and After the Rise of Hollywood

Julie K. Allen

Through a detailed study of the circulation of European silent film in Australasia in the early twentieth century, this book challenges the historical myopia that treats Hollywood films as having always dominated global film culture.

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Positive Psychology in the Classroom

Lesson Plans for English Language Teachers

Maryann Phillips, Dan P. Dewey, Carolee Rogers, Maria Summers, Ben McMurry, and Allison Wallace Baker

Positive Psychology in the Classroom is a book of 33 lesson plans made for teaching positive psychology interventions using language learning outcomes.

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Open Canon

Scriptures of the Latter day Saint Tradition

Edited by Christine E. Blythe, Jay Burton

Open Canon breaks new ground as the first volume to examine a variety of Latter Day Saint denominations' scriptural works as a single spiritual heritage.

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The Title of Totonicapán

Allen Christenson

This work is the first English translation of the complete text of the Title of Totonicapán, one of the most important documents composed by the K'iche' Maya in the highlands of Guatemala, second only to the Popol Vuh.

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Unique Expressions, Inventions, Place Names & More

David Ellington Eddington

Examining everything from phonetics to history, BYU Linguistics Professor David Eddington reveals the roots of colloquialisms uniquely from Utah.

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The Household of God

Families and Belonging in the Social World of the New Testament, 2022 Sperry Symposium

Lincoln H. Bluebell, Jason R. Combs, Mark D. Ellison, Cecilia M. Peek, and Frank F. Judd Jr.

An examination of the vast counsel on household conduct in the New Testament, including familial relationships, and belonging to "the household of God."

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Maynard Dixon

Searching for a Home: Painted and Poetic Imagination in the American West

Brian L. Price

A selection of Maynard Dixon's poetry, published for the first time alongside his most beloved paintings.

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Sublime Physick:


Patrick Madden

In twelve essays that straddle the classical and the contemporary, Madden transmutes the ruder world into a finer one, articulating with subtle humor and playfulness how science and experience about and intersect with spirituality and everyday life.

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The Writer's Hustle

A Professional Guide to the Creativity, Discipline, Humility, and Grit Every Writer Needs to Flourish

Joey Franklin

The Writer's Hustle is a comprehensive guide to all the things successful writers do when they're not sitting at the keyboard.

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What Works in Grammar Instruction

Narrativas del fracaso en la novela histórica mexicana

Deborah Dean

This book addresses the challenges of teaching grammar in the context of reading and writing, providing vignettes of classroom conversations that exemplify what that practice can look like in action.

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Using Young Adult Literature to Work through Wobble Moments in Teacher Education

Literary Response Groups to Enhance Reflection and Understanding

Dawan Coombs and Jon Ostenson

This volume offers a novel approach to exploring how literary response groups can be used as part of teacher education programs to help preserve teachers navigate "wobble", moments.

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A Cultural History of the Velocipede in France

Corry Cropper and Seth Whidden

Velocipedomania is the first in-depth study of the velocipede fad and the popular culture it inspired.

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Lovecraft in the 21st Century

Dead, But Still Dreaming

Edited by Antonio Alcalá Gonzalez and Carl H. Sederholm

Lovecraft in the 21st Century assembles reflections from a wide range of perspectives on the significance of Lovecraft's influence in contemporary times.

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Morphological Diversity and Linguistic Cognition

Edited by Andrea D. Sims, Adam Ussishkin, Jeff Parker, and Samantha Wray

Bringing together a team of well-known scholars, this book examines the relationship between linguistic cognition and the morphological diversity found in the world's languages.

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A History of Chinese Classical Scholarship vol. 1

David Brian Honey

This first volume offers a close study of Confucius, that tradition's photo-classicist. This opening volume examines Confucius traditions that largely formed the views of later classicists, who regarded him as their profession's patron saint.

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El culto a la derrota:

Narrativas del fracaso en la novela histórica mexicana

Brian L. Price

This book arguments that several Mexican intellectuals resort to the tragic moments of the 19th century through the use of a series of discursive strategies that emphasize, reinterpret, and even poeticize certain cultural, political, and social deficiencies that they can perceive in the present.

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Bazaar Literature

Charity, Advocacy, and Parody in Victorian Social Reform Fiction

Leslee Thorne-Murphy

Bazaar Literature reorients our understanding of Victorian social reform fiction by reading it in light of the copious amount of literature generated for charity bazaars.


Amid the Archipelagic States of America

Brian Russell Roberts

In Borderwaters, Brian Russell Roberts dispels continental national mythologies to advance an alternative image of the United States as an archipelagic nation.

Clément Marot's Epistles

Clément Marot, translated by Robert J. Hudson

The first complete, versified English-language translation of the epistles of Renaissance poet Clément Marot.

The Alcaic Meter in the English Imagination

John Talbot

This book reveals how a remarkable ancient Greek and Latin poetic form - the alcaic meter - found its way into English poetry, and continues shaping the imagination of poets today.