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German Club Hosts Faschings Party!

The BYU German club celebrates with a midwinter festival.

Like many countries, Germany celebrates a version of Carnival they call Faschings. This midwinter festival helps people celebrate and rejoice before fasting for Lent.

The BYU German Club celebrated Faschings on February 22 with a boisterous party. Club members played a series of games: speed eat jumbo pretzels off a fishing line, drink a keg of water without using your hands, dance while keeping a balloon in the air, run while the music is playing, and pass the bomb.

Naturally, these games led to all sorts of hilarious circumstances, such as members straining in a crouched position to grab at a floating pretzel, others spilling a full cup of water on themselves, and more than a few popped balloons. The night ended with maple donuts and German chocolates for the winners.

Check out the BYU German Club’s Instagram @byu.german to stay up to date on future events.