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Humanities Faculty Inspire at Education Week

Topics included faith, language, art, literature, history, and more.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of BYU Campus Education Week, and several professors from the College of Humanities presented on various topics alongside the usual general authority speakers and guest experts. We listed the professors and their topics here in alphabetical order. Forthcoming articles will highlight just a handful of these interesting discussions.

Tahira Carroll (Hindi, Center for Language Studies):
•Finding Christ in the Humanities: The Gospel from Myanmar to India to Utah

Mara L. Garcia (Spanish and Portuguese):
•La importancia de la educación para la mujer Santo de los Últimos Días y su familia

George B. Handley (Comparative Arts and Letters):
•Five Books to Inspire Better Environmental Stewardship and a Sense of Place

Jennifer L. Haraguchi (French and Italian):
•Finding Christ through Mary in Late Renaissance Italy

Jane G. Hinckley (Comparative Arts and Letters):
•Inspiring Women from the Seventeenth Century
•Series: Appreciating Jane Austen’s Unpublished and Unfinished Works

LaReina Hingson (Linguistics):
•Series: The Intersections between Language and Law

Donald W. Parry (Asian and Near Eastern Languages):
•Twenty-Seven Parallels between Ancient and Modern Temples: How Did the Prophet Joseph Smith Get It Right?
•Aaron's Rod: A Type of Jesus Christ
•Nephi's Keys to Understanding Isaiah
•Series: The Lord’s Angels: Messengers of Love, Instruction, and Warning

Lori L. Steadman (English):
•Series: Understanding the Power of Finding, Writing, and Sharing Family Stories

James R. Swensen (Comparative Arts and Letters):
•Worth a Thousand Words: Five Photographs That Can Change the Way We See Our World

Jarica L. Watts (English):
•Textual Mothers: Virginia Woolf and the Maternal Muse

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