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From Les Misérables to mariachi, six language choirs host a night of linguistic and musical fusion.
IC explores justice, otherness, and feminism in March’s films and lectures.
According to Associate Professor Anna-Lisa Halling, playwriting gave nuns unprecedented freedom—which may explain why it became so popular.
How one student brought Taylor Swift’s lyrics from the Billboard Hot 100 to an academic research conference.
The Arabic Flagship Center hosts a Ramadan celebration to help students experience Muslim culture for themselves.
Good writing packs an emotional punch—award-winning author Martine Leavitt teaches how to throw one at full force.
Sophists attacked Socrates after his execution. To Plato, this meant war.
How do you know when a novel is well translated? The key lies in keeping the author’s voice.
The French and Italian clubs hold their annual cook-off to see who will be crowned champion of the kitchen.
Chinese Minister Counselor personally invites BYU students to study in China.
Award-winning director explains how her romantic comedy strengthened ties between China and the US.
BYU professors contrast fast food with one of Europe’s greatest prides: café dining.