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New Make Holy Exhibit Now Open

A new Education in Zion exhibit explores a multidisciplinary approach to cleansing, purifying, and sanctifying.

Wide image of the right side of the exhibit.
Photo by David John Arnett

The Education in Zion Gallery has a new exhibit: Make Holy: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Cleansing, Purifying, and Sanctifying. The interactive exhibit opened on February 8, 2023, and will remain on display until May 2026. Hosted on the third floor of the JFSB, Make Holy features a variety of art and labels that describe the process of sanctification.

Scattered throughout the exhibit are interactive displays that help drive home the principles of sanctification. One wall includes several peekaboo doors. Behind each image lies a statement about how a specific discipline at BYU views cleansing.

Make Holy Exhibit Peekaboo doors.
Photo by Ellie Smith

The statement from civil and construction engineering talked about the importance of order at a construction site to limit worker accidents and increase productivity. The chemistry statement discussed the process of removing trace impurities to understand a substance’s true nature. The microbiology statement reported how DNA manipulation can create a sanctified product.

Make Holy Exhibit Far Side.
Photo by Ellie Smith

This diversity of thought showcased how a simple idea (cleansing, purifying, and sanctifying) can have so many different angles. Every area of study had something unique to contribute, just as every person has something unique to say about these gospel principles.

Other interactive elements within the exhibit asked viewers to think about how these principles relate to their lives. With each new visitor the exhibit changes to reflect the thoughts of the people who have passed through it. Because everyone has something worth sharing.

Wide photo of the left side of the exhibit.
Photo by David John Arnett

As viewers move through the exhibit, small take-home cards are provided that pose introspective questions. These questions allow viewers to continue to ponder the implications of the exhibit long after they have left.

The Make Holy exhibit is open to visitors every weekday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information visit the Education in Zion website.