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English Linguistics
How an epilepsy diagnosis influences Skyler Russell’s educational journey at BYU.
Want to learn how to pound papyrus and assemble a printing press? Join Jamie Horrocks’ book history class!
Jim Law explains how motion verbs become discourse markers.
Christopher Blythe wins the Best Anthology Award for his book.
Joey Stanley publishes findings about the decline of the classic southern accent in Georgia.
Professor Chris Crowe reflects on the success of Latter-day Saint authors in YA literature.
BYU Honors student publishes thesis on diversity in publishing.
Learn about the various student journals in the College of Humanities and how you can join them!
HUM Grant recipient presents sociolinguistic research in Brussels, Belgium.
Troy Cox accepts position as coordinator of the newly established Language Sciences Laboratory.
How can we help multilingual writers thrive? The Research and Writing Center and the Department of Linguistics find answers.
College of Humanities professors lecture on the power of a good book.