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In the Winter 2021 semester, the Kennedy Center hosted a lecture series titled “Race: Myths and Realities”, which gave students opportunities to become better educated about the realities of race and the social impact it can have.
Addressing the campus community, Professor Chris Crowe spoke on the importance of understanding both the convention of genre and how to bend those conventions in order to create deeper meaning.
English students in Professor Brian Roberts’s senior course analyze literature written by Japanese Americans who experienced life in Topaz Internment camp.
Most students have no idea what to expect when they hear “translation and localization,” let alone the numerous career options that are available for those who follow this relatively new minor.
The American Studies program hosted a webinar on religious diversity on April 2nd, featuring four panelists with common values of acceptance and understanding.
Dean J. Scott Miller and graduate Alixa Brobbey addressed the graduating class of 2021 at the end-of-the-school-year celebration.
Olson’s first novel, Sing Me Forgotten, was published in March of 2021 by HarperCollins and is a testament to her perseverance as a writer.
The Department of Philosophy has named Professor David Jensen as associate chair to Professor David Laraway, the current chair of the department. Jensen served previously as the associate chair of the department with the last department chair as well. In this associate chair position, Jensen will assist Laraway in governing and administrative efforts of the department.
Students interested in publishing and media careers can join BYU’s student chapter of LDSPMA to connect with like-minded students and industry professionals
Four women in the English Department spoke on their journey into university careers and answered student questions about how they can do the same.
April 5–9, 2021 marks the nationwide celebration of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, and the College of Humanities would like to recognize several graduate students who are doing great work in their fields or study.
Bahira Sherif Trask, a University of Delaware professor of human development and family sciences, presented her research to members of the global women’s studies (GWS) minor at the GWS Colloquium on Thursday, April 1, 2021.