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A glimpse into study abroad programs through winning video submissions.
Linguistics faculty help train missionaries as basic English language teachers to enter Mongolia.
Ambassador Khazar Ibrahim visited BYU to recognize the new language course.
Mauri Pollard Johnson, Ruth Arce, and Shayla Frandsen share their writing on motherhood, grotesque museum exhibits, and religion.
BYU’s center for religious study in literature gets a new name and purpose.
Jane Austen didn’t just write the romance novels you know.
IC closes out fall 2022 by showing films about Brazil, Uruguay, and the World Cup.
Students can submit personal essays about applied Christianity now through February.
Six students shared a sampling of their research projects at the 2022 HUM Grant Symposium.
Oxford professor of philosophy Mark Wrathall explains that there is a difference between faith and belief, and a religious life doesn't necessarily require both.
BYU-rovision packs the house with multilingual performances.
Master’s student Lauren Bezzant presents new program at a University of Chicago Conference.