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At Education Week, Dr. Matthew Wickman used modern poetry to show how we can find answers to our questions through Christ.
Richard Cecil Lounsbury, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, passed away on August 22nd, 2021 in his native Calgary.
In a four-part lecture series at BYU Education Week, Assistant Professor Dr. Steve Moody shared answers to the question “Who am I?”
How we remember the past is personal. Utah Poet Laureate Paisley Rekdal commemorates the completion of the transcontinental railroad with an online multimedia poetry project that allows readers to “choose their own adventure” as they navigate the experience.
Want to make friends, have fun, and practice the language you are learning—most importantly make professional connections, and open doors to your future? You should consider joining a Brigham Young University Humanities Club! Check out the clubs below and visit our Instagram "Clubs" story highlight to watch videos from current club members. Then go to to join.
The College of Humanities is full of passionate and talented instructors. This year, six faculty and staff from the College were honored with university awards for all they’ve done to support student learning, further research in their respective fields, and promote the goals of the College.
I begin by echoing the appreciation expressed by Academic Vice President Reese, President Worthen, and Elder Holland for the gracious and dedicated way all of you have navigated the past eighteen months. I have been very proud of the way we, as a College, have risen to the occasion and made extraordinary, and at times exceptionally creative, adjustments to serve our students.
At BYU Education Week, Adjunct Faculty Jane G. Hinckley helped her audience rediscover Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park” by looking into some of the factors that influenced the novel.
David Eddington lectures at BYU Education Week on the history of the human language, how we process language, and how language changes.
As part of an Education Week lecture series on finding Christ in the Humanities, Matthew Ancell helped his audience discover the hidden symbolism in Caravaggio's religious paintings.
Amidst the confusion caused by the resurging pandemic, mask requests, and a campus filled with smoke, Professor Donald Parry (Asian & Near Eastern Languages) delivered two inspiring messages on the opening day of Education Week. Both classes filled the Wilkinson Center ballroom to capacity and had audiences alternating between laughter and tears—an experience that, although muffled by masks, was both refreshing and faith promoting.
BYU Education Week is a cherished opportunity for faculty members to share their insights and research with the community.