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BYU faculty and students present at Digital Humanities Utah.
Lance Larsen completes service as the English Department chair this summer.
AI won’t replace teachers anytime soon, but it can be used for language learning and teaching, explains Rob Reynolds.
Women in Academia panel discusses burnout, graduate degrees, sexism, and more.
Philosophy professor Justin White discusses the complexity of personal transformation in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
The Beatniqueo combines Hispanic and Portuguese music and poetry in a beloved public humanities event.
Meet three of the best writers on campus.
Emily Inouye Huey talks about her novel "Beneath the Wide Silk Sky."
Looking for something new to read? Pick up one of these civil rights novels.
Exploring the human experience of separation.
Is personal experience a good basis for religious belief? Nathan Rockwood investigates.
Esther Allen explains how sometimes, translated texts are better—and sometimes they aren’t.