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French & Italian Linguistics Philosophy Humanities News
Jim Law explains how motion verbs become discourse markers.
French senator Stéphane Demilly visits BYU to meet with the students who are translating his book from French to English.
HUM Grant recipient Brandon Ascione shares his research into philosopher David Hume’s work on human nature.
BYU professors honored for their work on 19th-century French depictions of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Learn about the various student journals in the College of Humanities and how you can join them!
Joey Stanley publishes findings about the decline of the classic southern accent in Georgia.
BYU’s International study programs lead student Austin Nelson to new heights at the Paris Air Show.
BYU Honors student publishes thesis on diversity in publishing.
HUM Grant recipient presents sociolinguistic research in Brussels, Belgium.
Professor Jim Law studies the evolution of French using Bible translations.
Troy Cox accepts position as coordinator of the newly established Language Sciences Laboratory.
BYU students pursue their passions in philosophy through HUM Grant funding.