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Plates of fantastic food from some of the richest culinary traditions march up to the fifth floor of the Wilkinson Student Center. These delicious dishes will soon decide this year’s winner of the French & Italian cook-off.
Members of the BYU Deaf community shared their thoughts on disabilities and how they related to — as well as felt frustrated by — Oscar Best Picture winner “CODA.”
Helping people is relatively simple, right? In the realm of humanitarian aid, not always.
At the 2022 P. A. Christensen Lecture, Dr. Kristin Matthews analyzed the focus of contemporary Black American women’s poetry on historical archives and documents.
Everyone’s got one, but what does it really mean to have an identity? Is identity something we choose or something we possess naturally? The answer is more complex than you might think.
At the BYU 2022 English Symposium, a panel of women involved in the English Department advised students about pursuing higher education and believing in themselves.
If an environmentalist is sworn to protect nature, how can they justify eating meat? That's the burning question Nicole Walker grapples with in her writing.
The revolutionary research done in the humanities looks even cooler in a lab coat. Dr. Brian Croxall teaches his students the importance of their research by helping them look and feel the part.
The Office of Digital Humanities helps Amy Johnson transcribe nearly 18,000 of her father’s Peanuts comic strips for her undergraduate- and master’s-level research.
Award-winning poet and novelist Jimmy Baca draws on experiences from his troubled youth and time in prison to fuel his impassioned writing.
The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition is the academic equivalent of an all-out sprint—one which puts students’ scholarly and oratory skills to the test.
Author Karan Mahajan explored how he writes characters that navigate worlds plagued with complex, unresolvable issues at the English Reading Series presentation held on January 21, 2022.