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Comparative Arts & Letters Spanish & Portuguese
College of Humanities professors dive deep into Church history.
What Latin poetry teaches about masculinity, human bodies, and the power of acceptance.
College of Humanities professors lecture on the power of a good book.
Scott Alvord appointed department chair as Jeffrey Turley completes his service.
BYU-rovision packs the house with multilingual performances.
College faculty explain how art helps us learn about the world around us.
Elliot Wise shares four pieces of artwork that reveal truths about the Crucifixion.
Professor Elsa Perez shares how to address the stressors you can control and let go of the rest.
Professor George Handley discusses the intersection of theology and environmentalism.
Jane Hinckley introduces three eighteenth-century women who resisted sexism and inspired the world.
Maria Firmina dos Reis becomes the focus of Brazilian research trip led by Jordan Jones.
IC rings in the new school year with gripping films and lectures.