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College of Humanities professors lecture on how the humanities inspire empathy.
College of Humanities professors lecture on the power of a good book.
College of Humanities professors dive deep into Church history.
College faculty explain how art helps us learn about the world around us.
HUM Grant recipient Brandon Ascione shares his research into philosopher David Hume’s work on human nature.
How an epilepsy diagnosis influences Skyler Russell’s educational journey at BYU.
Christopher Blythe wins the Best Anthology Award for his book.
Professor Chris Crowe reflects on the success of Latter-day Saint authors in YA literature.
Learn about the various student journals in the College of Humanities and how you can join them!
What Latin poetry teaches about masculinity, human bodies, and the power of acceptance.
BYU-rovision packs the house with multilingual performances.
BYU students pursue their passions in philosophy through HUM Grant funding.