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Isaac King

Curator for BYU Museum of Art, Art History & Curatorial Studies


Dr. Isaac King received a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in the history of art and architecture and a matching MA from the University of Arizona. He has taught for over a decade at a variety of institutions where he tried his best to only say things that are interesting. His area of specialization is American art with a focus the burgeoning artistic traditions of the colonial, revolutionary, and early republican periods. His research investigates how ideas about “authenticity” and “likeness” in portraiture changed over the course of this history alongside expanding art markets, new reproductive technologies, and the pervading imperatives of American exceptionalism.

Teaching Interests

Current and upcoming BYU Museum of Art exhibitions, works from the MOA's permanent collection, and all things portraiture.

Research Interests

Favorite MOA Artwork:

Sanford Gifford, Lake Scene (1866), oil on canvas.