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Spanish & Portuguese
Double the celebration: Maren and Sonja Mecham bond through their shared graduate experience.
CLS celebrates languages around the world with the Welsh, German, Spanish, and French choir concert.
French senator Stéphane Demilly visits BYU to meet with the students who are translating his book from French to English.
BYU speeches and forums now available in Japanese and Spanish—with more languages to come!
The Beatniqueo combines Hispanic and Portuguese music and poetry in a beloved public humanities event.
BYU’s ASL program enriches education through its courses, club, and conversation labs.
The Language Acquisition Research Colloquium series explores how to optimize course content to help students meet language goals.
Spanish MA student Marissa Luquette’s academic career gets a kick start from her innovative paper on gender in a Spanish sci-fi novel.
Undergraduate student introduces FLang 330, a S’gaw Karen course for returned missionaries.
Master’s student Lauren Bezzant presents new program at a University of Chicago Conference.
Jordan B. Jones discusses race and gender in Global Women’s Studies Colloquium.
Tahira Carroll shares how her grandmother’s choice to immigrate shaped generations.