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Comparative Arts & Letters
BYU Professor Kerry Soper speaks on the famous comic series The Far Side and the life of its creator, Gary Larson.
BYU’s Marlene Hansen Esplin, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities, was elected to the International Comparative Literature Association’s (ICLA) Translation Committee this spring, 2020. Now, the secretary of this committee, Esplin shares how the study of problems of translation can lead to greater social consciousness.
At BYU’s 2019 Education Week conference, professor of Linguistics David Eddington shared his insights about the nature of births, deaths, and evolution of languages.
As part of The Leonardo museum’s Pompeii exhibition, Professor Roger Macfarlane lectured on the lesser–known, but highly fascinating, archaeological work that is happening on the north side of the infamous volcano Mt. Vesuvius. 
Dr. George B. Handley of the Comparative Arts & Letters Department recently published his 11th book, If Truth Were a Child (2019). Unlike his previous titles—which include creative non-fiction, scholarly works, a memoir, and a novel—this book is a compilation of reflective essays analyzing the intersection between faith and intellectualism.
Dr. Larry H. Peer of the Comparative Arts & Letters department recently published his 18th book, titled Romanticism: Seminal Insights (Brigham Young University Press). He has studied Romanticism extensively for over four decades, and his coauthored text Romanticism: Comparative Discourses won the 2006 Jean-Pierre Barricelli Prize, an international award given for the year’s best book in Romanticism studies.
We are pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has approved the transfer of the Art History program to the College of Humanities, and that it will be housed in the Department of Humanities, Classics and Comparative Literature, to be renamed the Department of Comparative Arts and Letters (CAL).