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Olson’s first novel, Sing Me Forgotten, was published in March of 2021 by HarperCollins and is a testament to her perseverance as a writer.
With hundreds of participants and attendees, this year’s English Symposium was a massive success despite the challenges of moving to an online format.
Associate Professor Brandie Siegfried passed away peacefully on February 16, 2021, after a battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed by her friends, family, colleagues, and students, all of whom benefitted from her passion for literature, truth, and beauty.
Matthew Wickman, professor of English and founding director of the Humanities Center, advised students to rely on the Spirit at BYU's weekly devotional.
Associate professor Paul Westover and students enrolled in his Fall 2019 Romantic literature course curated exhibits to honor the memory of the English poet William Wordsworth and his sister, diarist Dorothy Wordsworth.
Professor Jane Hinckley presented on one of Jane Austen’s famous novels Emma to inspire audiences to form a deeper relationship with the text.
Lila Rice spent 18 months serving and teaching people in Macedonia, and she continues to serve them from home as she helps translate the Book of Mormon into Macedonian.
Illness has been recorded in art for much of human history. In the fall of 2017, my colleague Brian Poole and I co-taught an Honors 220: Unexpected Connections course we titled “Literature and Disease.” The class was Brian’s idea. He’s a microbiologist in the College of Life Sciences, a virologist, and an expert on the human immune system.
How can poetry, plays, and art flourish during a deadly pandemic? Learn how Shakespeare used the time of plagues to spur his creativity!
What is the perfect recipe for a cooking competition show? Professor Dennis Cutchins argues that The Great British Bake Off has found it.
PROVO, Utah (May 15, 2020)—Dean of the College of Humanities, J. Scott Miller, has reappointed Professor Lance Larson (English) as chair of the BYU English department. Larsen has been serving as department chair since May 2017 and will now serve another term in this position.
Professor Greg Clark (English) and Marcus Roberts, professional jazz pianist, worked together with Roberts’ band to demonstrate the unlikely connection between jazz and democracy.