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The award recognizes Baker and his coauthors’ research on job-loss narratives and moving on after being laid off.
Want to learn how to pound papyrus and assemble a printing press? Join Jamie Horrocks’ book history class!
Kevin Blankinship says the popular press needs you.
Professor Dallin D. Oaks publishes book on Latter-day Saint naming trends.
The Language Acquisition Research Colloquium series explores how to optimize course content to help students meet language goals.
What does a future with AI translation look like?
Students compete to prove their Chinese skills.
Master’s students compete in department-level competition.
Introducing the first-ever Asian Studies Student Symposium!
AI won’t replace teachers anytime soon, but it can be used for language learning and teaching, explains Rob Reynolds.
Win prizes and develop language learning skills with a fun new program.
The JFSB displays a newly donated piece of history.