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Comparative Arts & Letters French & Italian
Undergraduate student introduces FLang 330, a S’gaw Karen course for returned missionaries.
Ixcanul becomes the first IC film entirely in Kaqchikel, a Mayan language.
Marc Olivier gives P. A. Christensen Lecture on incorporating educational play into teaching and research.
Francesca Lawson explains the historical biases behind female singing.
The French and Italian Clubs go head-to-head to prove who has the better food.
How two Western artists competed for a commission in an unsuspecting place: the Provo Post Office.
Professor Marc Olivier presented on the history and intersection of fashion and film.
Einar Selvik brings back traditional Nordic style of creating music.
Students explore the French-speaking world in one night.
Gary Barton’s unique collage paintings demonstrate how faith is built layer by layer.
Office of Belonging banquet recognized Michael Easterling’s efforts to help students belong.
Master’s student Lauren Bezzant presents new program at a University of Chicago Conference.