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As women have increasingly contributed their time, talents, and mentorship to the humanities, the field has evolved to reflect the unique contributions women make. In the following stories, eight faculty members (one from each department in the College of Humanities) share their admiration for women who have helped redefine the humanities—and what it means to be human.
Learn how to pace your memoir to be the next bestseller.
Truth. Noun. The quality or state of being true. Essayist Hasanthika Sirisena relates her journey toward discovering both eternal and personal truth in her new collection.
A message from Dean J. Scott Miller. This message appeared in the Fall 2021 Humanities alumni magazine.
Are you struggling with productivity and time management? Try these six suggestions to get focused.
Adjunct Professor Madeleine Dresden highlights common racist tropes and stereotypes in writing and offers solutions and alternatives for more diverse and inclusive writing for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities.
Aspiring authors, filmmakers, editors, and artists gathered to hone their skills and receive inspiration at the annual Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association Conference.
Walk the streets of Paris this winter without leaving Provo. (Sadly, no food or drinks allowed.)
You’ve worked hard during your undergrad, and you’ve got exciting prospects coming your way. But this is your first time entering the career field, and you don’t know what to expect. Here are ten things that Oxford University Press Publisher Niko Pfund says will make a huge difference:
For the last five centuries, book publishing played a remarkable role in preserving Welsh identity and language in the face of external cultural and linguistic challenges.
Dive into 1800s Latter-day Saint women’s culture with a database of newspaper advertisements.
Associate Professor Rob McFarland discusses how Thelma and Louise challenged the film industry thirty years ago and continue to do so today.