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Comparative Arts & Letters French & Italian German & Russian
French senator Stéphane Demilly visits BYU to meet with the students who are translating his book from French to English.
BYU-rovision packs the house with multilingual performances.
Learn about the various student journals in the College of Humanities and how you can join them!
Double the celebration: Maren and Sonja Mecham bond through their shared graduate experience.
CLS celebrates languages around the world with the Welsh, German, Spanish, and French choir concert.
BYU welcomes Okko-Pekka Salmimies on the historic day of Finland’s NATO membership.
IC explores unique films on cultural convergence.
Ixcanul becomes the first IC film entirely in Kaqchikel, a Mayan language.
James Tissot experimented with painting uncommon biblical scenes that create rich resonance.
Francesca Lawson explains the historical biases behind female singing.
BYU’s ASL program enriches education through its courses, club, and conversation labs.
Marc Olivier gives P. A. Christensen Lecture on incorporating educational play into teaching and research.